ONline Bible Studies

We will be holding Bible Studies Online
and will make the details for accessing them available on this page.

Stay tuned and connect back here often to see the latest...

We welcome ALL who wish to engage with others in studying the WORD of God
and deepening a walk in Faith.

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Wednesdays in the WORD

As we go through our week, it is important to stay rooted in the WORD of God, and build one another up as we are instruments of God in building HIS Kingdom.

Join us each Wednesday at Noon for an Interactive Online study of God's WORD, led by the Pastor.

Recordings are available at

WEDNESDAY Lunch break bible study

approx. 30 min each week. Aug 17 – Sep 21

Philippians: Joy in Christ

In this epistle, Paul characterizes the Christian life in this way: Joy no matter what the circumstances; an eagerness to suffer for Christ; humility that follows Christ in putting others first; trust in Christ alone for righteousness.

This study of Philippians seeks to enable God’s people today to

  •        Live in a way worthy of the Gospel;
  •        Put all their anxieties in the hands of their Lord, trusting Him to supply them with His peace;
  •        Trust God to meet all of their physical and spiritual needs according to His gracious riches in Christ.


Recorded Sessions:

Connected to Christ: ​
Why Membership Matters

This study is geared especially to people who may have been raised in the church and might still consider themselves Christians but who do not view official membership in a con­gregation or regular participation in worship as important.

For active church members, it also serves as a good refresher or general explanation of what congregations are and do.

The book can give regular churchgoers a clearer understanding of what they already experience at church and help them communicate the importance of it to their loved ones who are ques­tioning their need for church.

Online Recording can be viewed After 1 pm on Wednesdays at

Course is also available for self-paced study at

Explaining all the scary stuff in revelation

Messengers risked their lives carrying this heavily encoded message throughout enemy territory. 
Learn how to understand the last book of the Bible in this Bible Study,
"Explaining All the Scary Stuff in Revelation,"
featuring Rev. Ken Klaus of The Lutheran Hour.

Online Recording can be viewed After 1 pm on Wednesdays at

Interactive Study begins on April 20, 2022

Course is also available for self-paced study at:

InCarnate Community

Recorded Sessions are available OnDemand at

InCarnate Community: This study, starting February 2, 2022, seeks to address the great blessing there is in being an in person community of faith. In this study, we will explore how our Lord has designed us to be in community, and He works in our lives the fruit of faith in Him as we, in person, gather as His followers around Word and Sacrament. It is my hope that through this study you will grow in your appreciation for the gathering of fellow believers around Jesus’ Means of Grace, be equipped to better understand how we bear Christ’s image in His world, and see the wonderful blessing our Lord works through us in local faith community.​

ACTS: A study of Growth in the Church 

ACTS: A study of Growth in the Church. This means growth in Christian attitudes, insights, and skills for Christian living. The focus of this course will be the church and the world of our day. The guiding question will be this: What does the Lord teach us for life today through the book of Acts?

The Recordings of the Study of ACTS has been migrated to

Please follow that link to view past sessions.  You will also find other Bible Study resources available at:

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More Bible Studies

The following opportunities are available to stay in study of God's WORD:

  • Sunday School
  • Youth Bible Class
  • Thursday Afternoon Bible Class
  • Women’s Bible Class
  • Coffee Hour
  • Men’s Fellowship

Contact the Church Office for more details on how to get involved with any (or all) of these opportunities.

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