Lenten Devotionals

This section will list Current and Past Lenten Devotionals for your use during the 40 Days in that season of pentiance and reflection, offering hope and perseverance through times of trials and tribulations.

40 Days of Lent Meditations

The 40 days of Lent can help Christians prepare spiritually for the central moment of the Christian year: Easter. Lent can help you prepare for the joys of Easter as you simplify the life of faith, deepen prayer and Bible reading, practice Christian disciplines, and engage in a sacrificial life. Lent can make a profound difference in a believer's life. Follow this regimen of reading a Scripture, doing an activity, and answering a question.

Each day includes a Scripture passage, and activity, and a question to ponder. These quick daily exercises will prepare your heart for Easter.

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Lenten Devotions from Lutheran Hour Ministries

In Suffering Servant, we encounter Jesus the Man sent to redeem a lost world. Born in the flesh, Jesus became like us. Taking the form of a Servant, He emptied Himself. Bearing our sins to the cross, He gives us newness of life through His victory over death won for us by His resurrection from the dead.